So today I am 19 week pregnant and we'll soon be able to find out whether Baby D is a boy or a girl!  We're so excited!  Our next appointment with Dr. Vineyard is September 13th and that's when we find out! 

Today Baby D is the size of a mango (about 6-inches long) and is starting to get that cheesy vernix all over his/her skin to protect it from the amniotic fluid.  His/Her little arms and legs are finally in proportion to his/her body and his/her cartilage is starting to harden into bones.  It's so amazing this whole process!  I have a little human growing inside of me - DJ and I made a little human!  What an awesome experience and such a blessing!

And, as some of you may already know, my "pooch" has finally pooched out into an official "bump."  I now have a noticeable baby bump, which seemed to pop out over-night!  I posted a picture of my bump at 18 weeks in the photo section of this site so go take a look! 

Only 21 weeks to go! (If Baby D arrives on time, that is).  I can't believe it's almost half-way over!  Time sure does fly!

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