This past Tuesday we had another doctor appointment.  We got to listen to Baby D's heart beat again so that was super exciting!  Now it's 152 beats/minute! 

Most exciting, though, was that I felt Baby D move yesterday!  Baby D is the size of a lemon now so I'm pretty sure it's normal to start feeling it!  I was visiting in Silsbee and doing a jewelry party - Silsbee has their 5th Sunday of the month evening service at 2:00.  And they actually decided to just have a singing instead of the normal service - so as we were singing all those songs I could feel Baby D moving around inside.  It was very exciting! 
Jessica Stevenson
8/31/2011 21:18:01

Well, of course you felt Baby D when you came to visit mom and dad! It is so cool Kensi, enjoy AND document every moment because you will NOT remember!


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