DJ and I went to our first prenatal appointment today!  Dr. Vineyard was great!  He answered all our questions and explained everything that we needed to know at this point in the pregnancy!  I'm 8 weeks pregnant today and my due date is still January 24, 2012, though Dr. V said it could change later on.  Baby D is right on schedule.  He/She is just the right size at this stage and his/her heart is beating 170 times per minute!  Little Baby D is the size of a raspberry and is developing his/her little fingers and toes!  We had our first ultrasound today and got to see little Baby D on the monitor!  It was so cool!  We got a picture of Baby D to take home and a goody bag that included useful info for parents-to-be and a Pregnancy Planner, which is really neat!  We posted the picture of the ultrasound on this site in the Photos section so go take a look! 

9/30/2012 17:53:43

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