Lately I've been doing GREAT!!  Last Wednesday I decided to start my day off with a glass of milk and a small breakfast.  For some reason (unknown at the time), I felt great all day!  And I didn't feel nauseated most of the day!  So when I went to church that night, I was telling everyone how great it felt not being nauseated all day.  Then, Ms. Mary Ellen told me that someone she knew drank milk and ate ice cream and that seemed to ease her "morning" sickness.  And...what a coincidence!  I had a big glass of milk that very same morning - the morning that led to a wonderful, non-nauseated day!  So, ever since, I've been drinking a big glass of milk in the morning and sometimes another one when I get home from work and, low and behold, I've been feeling GREAT!  The smell of some foods can still make me sick and my diet is still a bit limited because of that, but I'm not nauseated all day every day so I'm ecstatic!  So if you're pregnant and nauseated all the time, TRY THIS!  For some reason, it works! 

On another note, my first prenatal appointment is tomorrow at 1:30!!  I'm so excited!  DJ and I can't wait!  Wish us luck!
DJ "Father of Baby D"
6/13/2011 12:38:26

To all the fathers to be... GET MILK FOR YOUR PREGNANT WIFE!!! lol I'm very glad that it is working! Love ya honey! :)

6/13/2011 13:25:14

Who would have thunk it??? btw... congrats!!!!!


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