Well, I'm 5 weeks and 3 days and I think the morning sickness has started.  Although not unbearable, it's still a bit annoying.  I just hope it doesn't get worse!  The last couple of days I've woken up feeling a bit queasie (sp?).  Once I eat breakfast I'm usually okay, except when I try to brush my teeth, which inevitably makes me gag and almost upchuck!  But after breakfast, I do pretty good until around 10:00 or 10:30, then I start feeling woozy again on top of being hungry.  But if I eat a few chips or crackers, I'm good to go again... until lunch time.  But it seems that these ups and downs of my queasiness is in direct coorelation to my hunger.  Eating small snacks seems to make the queasiness go away - at least until I'm hungry again.  So I'm thankful I haven't actually thrown up yet and that I've figured out how to control it (for now at least).  But it's still annoying because I have to stop what I'm doing and go find a snack like 4 or 5 times a day as opposed to eating the usual 3 meals a day.  Hehe!  O well, if that's my only complaint I guess I'm in pretty good shape, right?  :) 

So I was talking to DJ last night and (surprisingly) he started asking about the nursery and how it was going to be set up as far as furniture and how we would decorate it, etc.  And that might not be surprising at first glance, BUT you have to understand... DJ HATES any kind of home improvement projects.  It was crazy hearing him talk about what we were going to do about the paneling and if we should paint it or texture it or put that textured wallpaper over it.  It's was so cute!  I, on the other hand, have always love home-improvement projects and decorating, etc. so this is super exciting that DJ's looking forward to it.  Too bad we can't start on too much until we figure out whether Baby Dickerson is a girl or a boy... LoL!

Have a wonderful weekend :)  
5/29/2011 15:18:48

We're so excited for all of you!! Of course, I can't give you any advice about the actual pregnancy...I had no morning sickness and I gained zero pounds....Ha! ...but I'll give you plenty of advice, probably unneeded advice, about raising the young 'un! Love ya'll lots!

9/30/2012 10:18:17

THX for info


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