I can't believe it's been so long since I last updated!  Sorry guys!  Let's see... where to begin.  A lot has gone on since my last post!  

DJ and I went to Colorado with my parents and little brother June 17-25.  That was really fun!  DJ got to see mountains for the first time and he was in awe!  It was so nice to get out of the summer heat of Texas.  It even snowed one day!  We also got to see my Aunt Ramona, her husband, Charles, and my cousin Justin!  We had a great time!  Also, just a note: I didn’t have morning sickness at all in Colorado!  It was AMAZING!  I never threw up after the first day there.  I felt SUPERB all week!  However, as soon as we came back to Texas, it started right back up.  Hehe!  But it’s really not all that bad.  Just up-chuck once in the morning, drink my glass of milk, and I’m good to go for the rest of the day :)

My last prenatal appointment was on June 28th and DJ and I got to hear our baby’s heartbeat!  It was so crazy!  It didn’t take very long at all for Dr. Vineyard to find it.  It was so exciting!  Then I got some blood work done, which wasn’t too bad – they filled up like 5 tubes of blood!  So many tests!

Also, for those of you who know Kayla and Nathan, they found out what she’s going to be having this past week!  She’s having a BOY!  They’re so excited!  Another couple at our church, Jodi & Michael, had a little boy, Brady, back in March so he’ll have a little buddy to hang out with.  Everyone is predicting that we’ll have a little girl – after all, SOMEBODY has to have a girl!  LoL!  Everyone I know is having little boys!  :) Of course, boys are nice too!  We’ll be happy with whatever the good Lord gives us!

Until next time…  :) (I’ll try to update more).

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