So yesterday was hard because I had a jewelry party in Beaumont so I spent all day with my family, but couldn't tell them about the baby because DJ wasn't there!  :)

We announced the news about the baby in Sunday morning services at our own congregation this morning!  It was so great to finally let the secret out!  Everyone was excited! But we told them they couldn't post it online or anything before tomorrow because we had to travel down to Lumberton to tell my parents this afternoon!

So, DJ and I started the drive after morning services and showed up at mom and dad's; of course it was a total surprise to them - in fact, they weren't even at the house when we got there.  LoL!  When they asked us why we were there, we told them that it was "National Parents' Appreciation Day" (of course this was totally made up and is not an actual holiday).  So we gave them their presents (the Willow Tree Grandmother and the coffee mug with the "extending our home by two feet" phrase on it).  They were so excited when they finally figured it out! 

Then we visited the church at Southside in Sislbee and announced the news to everyone there.  We got lots of hugs and congratz!  Most of the members there have known me all of my life so it was pretty neat :)

When we finally got home (at around 11pm), we started looking for our cat, Milo.  Low and behold, we found her under the bed - with 5 or 6 kittens!  She had her kittens while we were in Lumberton/Silsbee announcing that I was pregnant!  How funny!  LoL!  Anyway, we can't quite get a definate head count just yet because they're so far under the bed and we can't get to them.  They're soo cute though!  BTW - if anyone needs a kitten in about 6 weeks, let us know!  We can't keep them all!  LoL!

Best surprise ever! I just thought this wouldn't happen so soon, because they were on the "5 year plan". I wish you both the best. I know you will both be great parents. I can't wait to spoil him/herand then send him/her home)! LOL!
Love all 3 of you!

PS: Trying to decide what I want to be called. Any ideas?


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